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The Belief Code uses almost 2000 statements in a database and using energetic muscle testing, practitioners will use the analogy of a tree to discover what Negatives Programs (branches) you may have which subconsciously are affecting you and how you react in certain situations.

These are powerful sessions removing Belief Systems from childhood which may be holding you back as an adult. The branches of the tree (Belief System) grow from the trunk of the tree, and these are Limiting Beliefs. These grow and develop from the root of the tree i.e. root of the issue and this is called a Faulty Core Belief. These usually develop before the age of eight years old before our own thinking and questioning minds have developed.

There is also sometimes a Faulty Core Identity – this is the soil that the tree has rooted and grown in. The environment around you when the Belief was seeded – this could be from family, religion, or school. Associated imbalances in the Emotion Code and Body Code which are linked to the Belief System are also removed to ensure that the ‘tree’ is completely chopped down and removed, replacing it with positive statements or another method of defragmentation