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Yoga is a broad term for a group of physical, mental and spiritual disciplines, the aim of which are to achieve enlightenment, better health and wellbeing. Yoga has its origins in ancient India where it was practiced by seekers and ascetics, and has flourished in the West since its introduction in the late 19th century.

Hatha (physical) yoga helps improve circulation and muscle tone whilst promoting flexibility and suppleness. Going through a gentle sequence of asanas, or bodily poses, whilst practising meditation and breathing techniques benefits not only your physical health but also helps you develop body-confidence and a greater sense of wellbeing and joy. Each asana benefits a different part of the body - for example The Cobra (lying face down then pushing the upper half of the body up using the palms whilst arching the spine) opens the chest and strengthens the core area, whilst The Warrior (standing in a star shape, facing to the side with legs widely spaced and arms stretched out) strengthens the legs and opens out the hips and chest.

Yoga Therapy sessions, conducted either one-to-one or in small groups, aim to help specific physical, emotional or mental health conditions. They include gentle movements, asanas as well as meditation and sometimes breathwork and visualisation or other relaxation techniques.

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