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We all experience occasional headaches, perhaps as a result of alcohol, stress, exercise or even coughing.

Frequent or chronic headaches such as migraines, however, can be debilitating and result in difficulty concentrating, relationship problems and may necessitate time off work. The causes of these can be varied, from lifestyle factors such as stress,  alcohol and poor diet to medical problems such as a previous injury, high blood pressure,  dental problems or more serious conditions such as infection, stroke and brain tumour.

Complementary approaches can be particularly effective in ascertaining and addressing lifestyle causes as well as giving tools to manage or alleviate the condition.

Frequent, severe or intense headaches should always be checked out by your GP to rule out any serious medical causes. if your jaw hurts when eating, you have blurred or double vision or your scalp feels sore you should call 111 straight away as you may require urgent treatment.